Gimme Some Truth DVD

This tremendous music documentary won a Grammy award for Best Long-form Video in 2000. I was the on-line editor and post-production supervisor. It was also my responsibilty to transfer the original camera audio tapes to a digital format and re-synch them to the 16mm telecine masters. Abbey Road Studios then created a great 5.1 surround mix using the edited audio tracks and the multi-channel masters from the original recording sessions.

History Of RnR box

I was the on-line editor for episodes 1 and 3 of this Emmy-nominated 10-part syndicated series that includes new interviews with many of the most important figures in popular music and rare performance footage. The first episode explores the roots of rock and the third documents the "British Invasion" of the '60s. (Jackson Browne and Lindsay Buckingham are shown playing my guitar!)


All four of the Beatles shows uncut... although I was instructed to replace the commercials and sponsor tags that featured cigarettes with more politically correct advertising.

Elvis-Waist Up DVD

Every performance on The Ed Sullivan show is included in this, the third of a 3-volume set. This was the only one created for broadcast, however (on VH1) and featuring narration by Bono of U2. I was the on-line editor and post-production supervisor, but I never got to approve Rhino's home video surround mix, which is unlistenable on all three discs.


Recently (and finally) released on DVD, this feature film bio-pic is the definitive summation of Lennon's life and work, recounted in his own voice. I did the on-line editing of the archival video bonus features which include an interview with John's schoolmaster, home movies with Yoko and Julian and an early, live, acoustic guitar performance of "Imagine".


This was a huge, 4-hour, live-broadcast extravaganza that included nearly every CBS star, past and present. I on-lined almost all of the rolled-in segments, most of which were montages of the network's classic entertainment and historic news programming.


Lorne Michaels was Executive Producer for this 2-hour primetime special. Hosted by Conan O'Brien, it featured many of the most memorable moments in late night television - from The Tonight Show through Tomorrow to Saturday Night Live. I was the on-line editor.


CBS commissioned a total of 13 of these hour-long specials that featured outtakes from its primetime lineup plus many hilarious oddities from network, local and foreign television. I was the on-line editor and post supervisor.


This program, shot in many exotic locations around the world, began as a 2-hour NBC primetime special, and then continued as a series on TLC, comprised of 23 half-hour and 6 hour-long programs. I was the on-line editor and post supervisor.


In this NBC special, Tim Allen, Bill Maher, Paul Reiser, Jerry Seinfeld and other comic notables share anecdotes about their early careers in the New York City comedy club scene during the stand-up boom of the '80s. I was the on-line editor and post supervisor.


A 3-part series for TLC that examines both the frontier beginnings and the latest attractions of the City of Lights. It contains interviews with many people who changed the face of Las Vegas. I was on-line editor and post supervisor.


A 9-hour reali-mentary series that features actual investigations, arrests, car chases and bad guys. One segment documents the shooting (and near death) of a marshal by combining re-enactments with footage shot on-scene and from local TV news archives. The first episode is a documentary style history of the Marshal Service's rise to prominence during desegregation in the JFK era. These shows still air occasionally on TLC. I on-lined and mixed the first six episodes.


A series of 150 half-hour shows for the Animal Planet cable channel, featuring the inimitable Judge Joseph Wapner. I on-lined and mixed all of them.


I was the on-line editor for this entire series and also supervised the mixes and the production of most of the new music. There were 36 of these half-hour programs that aired on VH1, but the 12 episodes in this box set have heretofore never been released on home video. They were re-edited, re-formatted and re-mixed in surround by me.


The latest release from the Sullivan library: all three shows that Elvis headlined during the winter of '56 in their entireties. The bonus materials include some interesting interviews, rare home movies of Elvis and even his first filmed performance. I am responsible for nearly all the post-production work on this DVD set, although the distributor chose not to use my 5.1 mix (probably for budgetary reasons) and the fake surround sound that they created is defective and unlistenable.


This ABC show was nominated for an Emmy in the Best Children's Program category. It featured stars like Joe Pesci, Susan Sarandon, Danny DeVito and Rosie O'Donnell...not to mention dozens of others in the montages of excerpts from Sesame Street episodes.
This was my first broadcast credit as on-line editor.

This exhibit at the Museum of Radio and Television in Hollywood featured a screening of an exclusive video program that contained many early performances of Rock'n'Roll pioneers on the Ed Sullivan Show including Bill Haley & The Comets, Gene Vincent, Bo Diddley and of course, Elvis Presley. I was the editor, on-line editor and audio mixer.

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academy text

HBO produced this special, "50 Years Of Television: The Television Academy's Golden Anniversary" in which some 100 TV stars appeared, including several members of the Television Hall Of Fame. I attended the anniversary gala at the Academy in North Hollywood where this program was screened for the members and guests before its premiere on HBO. I was the online editor.

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